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Magnetron Transmitters

Pulse Systems is a globally recognized leader in the development, design and manufacture of quality state-of-the-art, reliable, high quality transmitters for the radar industry.  Our company has a unique design capability to successfully interface our transmitters to meet our customers’ specialized applications and requirements. 

 In 1996 Pulse Systems was the first corporation to provide solid state IGBT transmitters on a production basis.  Thirty-five transmitters were successfully installed for the Canadian Government, providing weather data covering the Canadian territories from Nova Scotia to Vancouver.  Several universities and research institutions have directly benefitted from Pulse Systems revolutionary innovations.     

Magnetron transmitters are produced both in component and system configurations.  They cover a broad range of power levels, pulse widths, duty cycles, power input sources, mechanical configurations and environmental conditions.

Pulse Systems produces transmitter systems with power levels up to 3.0 MW to power microwave tubes covering the following frequency bands:


Pulse Systems has developed special design techniques for powering co-axial magnetrons requiring special rate of rise of cathode voltage. Our company has developed and manufactured transmitters utilizing the following magnetrons, among others:  

BLM-183, SFD-303B, SFD-313B, SFD-332, SFD-341, SFD-349, SFD-352, SFD-373, VMA-1616, VMA-1810, VMC-1181, VMC-1352A, VMS-1365, VMS-1610, VMU-1260, VMU-1281, VMU-1359LA, VMU-1392, VMU-1453, VMU-1724, VMX-1077, VMX-1090, VMX-1197B, VMX-1198, VMX-1241, VMX-1496, VMX-1497B 

Full product documentation and product data sheets, including electrical and mechanical specifications, are available upon request.* 

* The above links depict information of our typical products.
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Pulse Systems, Inc. is a certified ISO 9001:2008 design and manufacturing company and a certified FAA Repair Station.