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Direct Upgrade to Existing Systems

Pulse Systems has taken advantage of the recent advancements in the solid state, Gallium Nitride high power RF transistor technology. After three years of intensive research, Pulse Systems has developed a novel system P/N TR-3600 for the weather radar industry.

The Pulse Systems TR-3600 Solid State Weather Radar Transmitter is packaged to be form-fit compatible with Pulse Systems Magnetron Transmitters. This makes it an easy upgrade / replacement option for any radar using the PSI Magnetron C-band Transmitter. The TR-3600 accepts the same input power connection and trigger connection as the magnetron transmitter. It uses the same ethernet or discrete I/O DB-37 connection for remote control and status monitoring. The waveguide output is in the same physical position as the magnetron transmitter.

The TR-3600 SSPA accepts an input RF pulse of 0dBm nominal power. The receiver used in a magnetron-based transmitter would need to be modified to add an exciter channel to generate this RF pulse. Generally, this is a simple modification. If the TR-3600 is used to replace a klystron-based transmitter, the receiver would already be equipped with such an exciter.

The first TR-3600 system was successfully installed in a local weather radar site operated by a TV station, with excellent performance and results.

Please click here for our press release and TR-3600 performance and specifications.

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