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Klystron Transmitters

Pulse Systems has the capability to design and produce custom klystron transmitters with characteristics to accommodate any klystron currently in production, regardless of the operating frequency or power level.

The following are few examples of our klystron product line:

Pulse Sytems Model

CPI Klyston

Freq. Range Peak Power Avg Power Beam Voltage Beam Current

S-Band 1MW
Low Frequency


2.7-3.0 GHz

0.75 MW

1.5 KW

65 KV

31 Amp

C-Band 250KW


5.6-5.65 GHz

0.25 MW

0.5 KW

50 KV

11 Amp

C-Band 1MW


5.6-5.65 GHz

1.1 MW

2.3 KW

68 KV

32 Amp

The above links depict information about some of our typical products. 

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